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Uganda... The Pearl of Africa

Gifted by Nature, Uganda is a magnificent Safari destination in East Africa. The tourism industry in Uganda is growing so fast, visitors across the world are looking for extreme adventure in the unspoiled natural environment. Uganda is famously known for the endangered Mountain Gorillas Safaris. A variety of attributes makes Uganda the most memorable destination experience in Africa including the most hospitable people, the lush green vegetation, the equatorial climate, the beautiful natural attractions, the towering Rwenzori Mountains, the source of the mighty River Nile, volcanic craters, the uncommercialized cultural safari experience to the primates safaris. Uganda has not just a splendid ornithological experience but everything to make it the ultimate lifetime destination of choice. Challenge all you dare.... to take on wild Uganda...

Broveny Safaris will ensure the most ultimate African Safaris experience to Uganda, with experienced safari guides, in recommended safari vehicles for memorable and lasting moments. Please inquire about the most recommended Uganda Tours & vacations.

Uganda Gorilla Safaris

We specialize in organizing Uganda Gorilla Tours to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. We are capable of combining Uganda Gorilla tours with other activities such as game viewing, cultural and community interactions, nature walks among others. From Budget, mid-range to Luxury safaris all year round. Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park alone habituates over 500 mountain gorillas and numbers are steadily increasing. 

Uganda Tree Climbing Lions

Situated in the Southwestern part of Uganda, Ishasha Sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park is famously known for its tree-climbing lions. Ishasha is bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo's Virunga National Park and is dominated by savannah woodlands tree species like acacia trees, fig-trees, and cactus trees.


Wildlife safaris

A landmark ground full of spectacular wildlife and wilderness, Uganda is  home to chimpanzees, these are mainly tracked in Kibale Forest national park famously known as the City of Chimps. The tracking and habituation experience will mesmerize your wildlife experience.

Lake Victoria the biggest freshwater body in Africa, is also the source of the River Nile. The White Nile flows over plains and down rapids until it thunders over the edge of Murchison Falls creating the strongest falls in East Africa. The brimming adventure and adrenaline lush with Water Raftering, Bungee Jumping. 

Encounter unique BIG Five wildlife experiences as you take on the game drives in Uganda's national parks. View over 1,000 different bird species that flock to Uganda from all over the world during your Birding Safaris. 


safari packages with us are carefully planned into well crafted itineraries explaining day by day programs and activities giving you a real feeling of a safari holiday in Rwanda or Uganda. We can tailor make any of these safaris to suit your preferences.


1 - 4 Days

Broveny Safaris tailor-make your short Uganda safari into a stunning unforgettable safari experience. All our safaris are well crafted from Budget, mid-range to Luxury to your African safari expectations......


5 - 10 Days


Broveny Safaris tailor-make your mid-range Uganda safari into a stunning mesmerising safari experience. All our safaris are well crafted from Budget, mid-range to Luxury to your African safari expectations...... 


10 - 24 Days


Long Uganda Safaris, these are safari packages carefully selected and designed for those who want to spend more time on vacation in Uganda and want to explore more of the Pearl of Africa...


9 - 10 Days


Experience the genuine summits of Uganda! These mountaineering exclusive takes you to the majestic Rwenzori Mountains, a true rewarding experience for alpine climbers!


3 - 5 Days


Broveny Safaris tailor make your Uganda Gorilla and Chimpanzee Habituation safaris into a stunning unforgettable safari experience. All our safaris are well crafted from Budget, mid-range to Luxury to your African safari expectations. 


1 - 21 Days



Broveny Safaris tailor make your Uganda Birding safaris into a stunning unforgettable safari experience. All our safaris are well crafted from Budget, mid-range to Luxury to your African safari expectations......  

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Things to Know

Best Time to Trek Gorillas

Although it's regarded as a year-round activity, the best time to visit Uganda for gorilla trekking is during the country's two dry seasons: January to February and from June to September.

The average temperatures of Uganda are at 21.5 C and 71 F, these also drop at night time to around 54 F which affects the altitude. Rainfall in Uganda ranges between 1000-2000mm every year. However, throughout the year the skies in Uganda are clear which supports most safari vacations....


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Booking a Gorilla Permit 

To trek any Gorilla family in Uganda or Rwanda, you need a valid Gorilla permit. This is a document or a card issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority or Rwanda Development Board that allows any traveler  to trek the Gorillas.

At Broveny Safaris, we save you that hustle and book a Gorilla permit on your behalf. We normally advise tourists to book the permits several months in advance      (4 - 5 months) before your visit. 

These Gorilla permits are very competitive most especially during peak seasons of...

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What should I pack?

To prepare for the trek, it helps to familiarize yourself with the landscape and altitude that you'll encounter. Since Gorilla trekking involves a lot of walking or hiking on rough, mountainous terrain, a tracker is advised to pack hiking comfortable shoes, a raincoat, hat/hood, long-sleeved shirts and trousers, a backpack, enough water and food, a good camera that can take stunning photos in dim light without a flash. The experience requires a fair fitness level as you will be hiking in humid conditions through thick vegetation and along steep, at times rather muddy, mountain tracks. 

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General Gorilla trekking Rules

If you are planning to do a gorilla tour in Uganda or Rwanda soon; it is good to have an idea of the tracking rules and regulations that apply when finally gorilla trekking in the forest and more so when you encounter the mountain gorillas. 
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